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For over six years, Jesse Konditi has been a passionate mastermind in the creative field. He has made an exponential growth in curating great visuals; especially in video production, graphics design and website development – a craft born purely out of passion and not what he studied as a career (procurement and supply chain management). This is a shift that has seen him learn, unlearn and relearn from the best in the media and creative industry. This has packaged him as a one stop solution center for matters IT, Audio Visual production and web development. He has also worked as a radio presenter in various community radio stations including Ruben FM, and is also a developer at Jescod Studios; qualifications that have enabled him have a drive for diverse information dissemination, voice overs and understanding various Target Audiences.

For over 20 years, Mr. Odero has been a creative design professional with extensive experience in the media/advertising industry.  He provides direction to this creative team regarding media placement design choice and content use among other aspects of advertising development. He is the Fresh M Radio team leader with vast knowledge on project management.

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